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KOFUSEIBYO COMPANY LIMITED (we, our, us) protect personal data of our customers by stipulating privacy policy as follows, by constructing methods to protect personal data, and by fully disseminating the importance of protecting personal data to all the employees.

EHow we handle your personal data based on GDPR:General Data Protection Regulation

KOFUSEIBYO COMPANY LIMITED (we, our, us) is a controller of GDPR:General Data Protection Regulation to handle and supervise your personal data, and is responsible for running the website of KOFUSEIBYO COMPANY LIMITEDincluding this site (website.): We fully and correctly understand the importance of personal data, and we have created the management system and regulations hereunder in order to operate and supervise your personal data promptly.

If you dissent our privacy policy applicable to GDPR, please refrain from providing your personal data to us.
Please be advised, in case you do not provide your personal data, you may experience inaccessibility to some contents and/or unavailability of some service on this website.

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